Monday Evening Group Meditation is Back

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing at all?

It sounds boring, doesn’t it!

It’s scary to think about what our life would be like without our cellphones, computers, or the latest Netflix series waiting for us at home after a long day of work. We might begin to wonder how dependant we are on these things and why. When we begin to use these tools as a method of escaping reality we are denying our body and mind of its natural ability to detoxify the daily stresses and causes them to accumulate. Don’t get me wrong, these are tools and ways of entertaining ourselves, but when we start relying on them as a way to escape we are negating this healing from taking place. We begin to look for peace and harmony in external things and forget that true peace and happiness lie within.

The biggest misconception for most beginners is that meditation involves clearing the mind of all thought. This can be experienced in practice, although it is not the main focus. If you’ve ever tried to stop the mind in its tracks, you’ll probably know that the mind can be tricky in its ways. Instead, we work on developing the skill of observation. When we learn to observe mindfully rather than react and judge, the thoughts and emotions that don’t serve us tend to fade away. This is because we are not giving them the energy that they require. Through practice, we learn to cultivate the qualities of mindfulness and unconditional love for ourselves, no matter where we are on this journey. Best of all the discoveries about ourselves and our true, peaceful nature has a tendency to overflow into our everyday lives. Who wouldn’t want more of that, right!?

If you’re interested in starting your own practice and would like to join us in a supportive setting, please sign up for our guided group meditations every Monday evening at 7:30 pm. Please register online to secure your spot.
1 on 1 sessions are also available if you would prefer more individualized support for your practice.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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