How We Can Help

The NDs and other practitioners at Serenity Health can assist you in many areas of your wellness, including but not limited to:

Happy Hormones/BHRT

Hormone balance throughout a woman’s lifetime can have a strong effect on her quality of life.  The naturopathic doctors at Serenity Health can help at every step and stage.  Using a variety of assessment methods, including clinical evaluation, saliva, urine and blood testing, we can help you harmonize your hormones and improve conditions such as PMS, irregular, heavy or painful cycles, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, pre- menstrual headaches, peri-menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and more.  We offer supportive treatments such as supplements and vitamins, herbal medicine, acupuncture and when indicated, bio-identical hormone therapy.

Bio Identical hormones are plant-based hormones that have the same molecular structure as those that your body makes.  Because they are identical to hormones found in the body and are custom-dosed to the needs of each patient, adverse side effects and risks are reduced when compared to the use of synthetic hormones.  Bio-identical hormone therapy, when initiated within 10 years of a woman’s last period, have been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

Natural and Assisted Fertility

Naturopathic Medicine can help promote natural fertility as well as complimenting assisted fertility (IUI, IVF).  If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year (over 6 months if the female partner is over 35 years old), it is recommended that you seek medical advice to discuss fertility support options.  The naturopathic doctors at Serenity Health will conduct a thorough health history evaluation to help determine root causes of fertility concerns and to optimize natural fertility.

Treatment options will address underlying conditions or contributing factors using the basic Naturopathic modalities, as well as Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy and/or IV therapy.

Basic Pre-Conception Care

For individuals or couples wishing to become pregnant, it is advised that they start the pre-conception care program at least 3 months before conception, in order to optimize general health, egg and sperm quality and to promote a healthy pregnancy.  This may include but isn’t limited to optimizing your nutrition or following a cleanse and basic supplementation.

If you have any possible hurdles to natural fertility, such as hormonal concerns like endometriosis, PCOS, long term birth control pill use, or smoking, advanced maternal or paternal age or history of recurrent miscarriage, we’d love to see you sooner than later so that we have plenty of time to support you.


The Naturopathic Doctors at Serenity Wellness are thrilled to support you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey.  We are here to answer your questions and to listen to your concerns and triumphs.  We will help manage common pregnancy symptoms and any more serious concerns that may arise.  Labour and delivery preparation using acupuncture is also important to consider to help promote a healthy delivery and speed recovery time.

You can start care at any point during pregnancy, but is best paired with a pre-conception care program.

We recommend having an appointment early in your first trimester, and then again around 12 weeks, 20 weeks and 30 weeks.  Starting at 35 weeks we recommend weekly acupuncture until baby arrives (we will cover naturopathic topics and supports at these visits, in addition to the acupuncture treatment).

Visits can be added as required based on individual need.  We recommend weekly acupuncture in the first trimester if you have an IUI or IVF assisted pregnancy or if there is a history of recurrent miscarriage.

We can’t wait to welcome you and your new baby to Serenity Health!


When we look at the whole person and address the root cause of illness, weight loss can come as a welcomed side effect.  We offer assessment and treatment for the individual, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss.  Our approach to weight management includes finding balance in systems that are out of balance.  This may include assessment and treatment of hormones, sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, food sensitivities, digestive health and more.

If you’re interested in weight management as part of your holistic health practice, then we are here for you and ready to get started!